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The Radii Toilet Roll Holder is Australian designed and compliments all the modern trends. For those of you chasing a more simplistic style, then the Radii Toilet Roll holder would be a great addition to your bathroom renovation. It has an array of options you can chose from. This includes choosing between a square backing plate or a round backing plate. This decision can be decided on by determining what style you’re going for. For a more modern look choose the square plate, and for a more traditional look there’s the round backing plate.

Your options don’t stop there, the Radii Toilet Roll Holder also comes in various finishes. The Radii toilet roll holder comes in a chrome finish and the Radii metal shelf is available in chrome, matte black, gun metal, brushed nickel and also brushed gold.

The Radii toilet roll holder also comes with the option of having a double toilet roll holder so you can store two rolls of toilet paper at once. Another great accessory is the matching spare toilet roll holder which can hold several spare rolls.

The careful design means you don’t have to worry about the installation fitting being exposed, it’s all hidden behind the back plate case. You can be assured that this fitting will not only add to the style of your bathroom but it will be sturdy and durable too. The Radii Toilet Roll Holder is a great addition to your space, the well-designed fitting means you can be assured you are choosing something that will stay on trend for many years to come.

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