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The Vivas rectangle bath is simple in design, generous in size and ideal for both family homes and luxurious bathrooms. The contemporary twist to its design makes it a great fit for those of you who are creating a modern or contemporary bathroom and are looking for a bath simplistic in design and versatile in function. Its adaptability in function means that it’s a great bath for those needing to bath children along with also wanting the opportunity to have a spa like sanctuary in your home.

The Vivas bath comes in two sizes, the 1525mm in length by 760mm width and 425mm in height. The 1675mm length by 760mm in width and 425mm in height. So, whether you only have a compact space to work with or you’re after a larger bath then the Vivas caters for both. It also comes with the option of having an an anti-slip texture on the base of the bath making it safer to get in and out of and the reclining end makes it ideal for a relaxing soak. The Vivas also takes into account practicality with a four tile flange meaning you won’t get water splashing over the edge or down the back of the bath. The acrylic material and white gloss finish is both practical for a bathroom and timeless in style.

The Vivas Rectangle bath is a timeless piece. It will provide value to your home in function and design and you can be assured that it will stay in style for many years to come.

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